Lost Ark: The most popular classes

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Lost Ark: The most popular classes

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The most popular class in the Lost Ark EU opening has long been the Summoner, but it is no longer with us. Who replaced them and what is the most popular class in our version of MMORPG in general?

What happened to the summoner? It took first place in our own poll of the most popular classes in The Lost Ark. It's also one of the most popular courses in the world.

However, Amazon decided not to publish the Summoner in our version of the game even though it was already in beta. Instead, we got the sorceress, who is currently the newest class in the MMORPG.

You'd think a lot of players would be outraged by this decision. But that would be a mistake, because despite all the misunderstandings in the community as to why we don't just take two magicians, female warlocks are very popular.

Which is the most popular course? In fact, it's so popular that it's by far the most popular class in Lost Ark. At least that's what a large official reddit poll shows.

No less than 8,541 people voted here to decide which class they would attend. 15.57% of them, i.e. H. 1 330, chose the sorceress, which makes it the most popular profession. The frustration with removing Summoners seems to have completely gone.

What is particularly noticeable about the results? Of the 15 professions we had at the beginning of the European version of The Lost Ark, 13 specialized in damage. Gunlancer can still do as a tank, but it does a ton of damage too.

There are no healers in the MMORPG, but there are several ways to deal a lot of damage to your opponent very quickly. Most importantly, the only two support classes that support other classes are in second and third place of the most popular classes.

Paladin is ahead of Bard with 787 votes and is currently in second place with 999 votes. The top 3 are therefore dominated by support classes. These are usually the less popular character classes in MMORPGs.

So you no longer have to worry about not being able to find supporters for the first dungeon and the raid in the Lost Ark.

Why are backers so popular?
The reddit community is also confused about this. Fans have thrown some exciting aspects into the room, why Lost Ark is an MMORPG and why it is finally fun to play backer in it. Of course we don't want to hide that from you.

User Zombie_Alpaca_Lips writes: "This game has exciting and difficult players to get along with. People usually don't like healers and supporters because they're boring to play with and you just have to lie down and heal. But the players want to feel like they're contributing to the team, and paladins and bards make you feel that way. "
Puzzlehead had an even more interesting answer that also said something to many: "People only play Paladins because they end up with the coolest equipment. That's the real ending."

MarketingOwn was positive: "I'm really looking forward to this version. I want to support my team members from the start as well. I'm just not 100% sure if it's the paladin or the bard. They're both great!"

User Khrucible assumes that people won't research: "All of the folks with cool skins will be very frustrated when they find out that the evil paladin is a supporter!"

What do you think of this survey? Do you think there will be enough supporters for the game to begin with, or will it take a long time for groups to form? What class are you going to play? Do you also expect backers and warlocks women, or is your favorite MMORPG a completely different profession? Please follow us at Buylostarkgold to know more.
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