Elder Scrolls Online: How to Become a Werewolf or Vampire

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Elder Scrolls Online: How to Become a Werewolf or Vampire

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To become a werewolf or a vampire in The Elder Scrolls Online there are a number of ways, some better than others, and we are ready for all of them. You can follow G4mmo for more ESO news and guides.

The Elder Scrolls Online werewolf on rocks
The Elder Scrolls Online is full of mysteries and mythical creatures, and werewolves and vampires are two of the more powerful players can transform into. Each conversion has its strengths and weaknesses and tends to use a certain type of buildup. For example, the stamina build is preferred by werewolves, while the magic build is a great way to take advantage of a vampire's transformation. Transforming into one of the two creatures also unlocks a quest that offers the corresponding skill line for research, as well as powerful opportunities to use both types of creatures.

In The Elder Scrolls Online, the transformation into a werewolf or a vampire has its own stats that can be of great value or significant damage to the player. Again to the vampires: The higher the vampire level after the transformation, the more the life value drops like a stone. On the other hand, the cost of the vampire ability drops drastically. As the player feeds, their vampire level increases. If they are not fed, they will lose weight. Every werewolf player receives a healthy stamina regeneration and an overall stamina boost, as well as a speed boost. However, werewolves are more susceptible to guild skills and poison attacks from Elder Scrolls Online fighters.

How to become a werewolf or a vampire in The Elder Scrolls Online
The Elder Scrolls Vampire Party
There are three ways to transform into a werewolf or a vampire in Elders Scrolls Online. The first method is expensive: for 1,500 kroner, the player can get a werewolf or vampire bite. Buying a bite with a crown is an expensive way to change, but not as effective as the second or third method.

The second method is to travel to the Rift, Bangkorai, or Reaper's March and fight a werewolf or vampire who will bite the character. The infection can take a long time, but it's free, which is better than the first chance to get status effects. After you have been attacked a few times by one of the two creatures, check the character sheet to see if the werewolf has the "Sanies Lupinus" effect or the vampire has the "Vampire" effect.

The last and easiest way is to go to the werewolf or vampire shrine in Elder Scrolls Online, enter the global chat, and ask someone to take a bite. Asking another player who can bite to give the effect is by far the most time consuming, although some players may ask for an eso gold payment.
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