Advertising within the game itself is also established

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Advertising within the game itself is also established

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Donohue describes the advantages of 2K MT PS4 a league that is controlled by the NBA office when it comes to the ability to bring in partners. "The benefit of being the NBA 2K brand is that we have incredible relationships with a lot of these partners, and this allows us to help hold their hand and guide them through eSports and help them understand how to leverage eSports as a powerful way to boost their brand."

The NBA 2K League offers companies another advantage: the sport is simple to comprehend. "While it can be difficult to consumers, at times it's a very friendly game where there is no requirement to play for fun to watch our games when you're familiar with basketball you'll grasp it." Donohue highlights.

Advertising within the game itself is also established. Donohue explains that it's typical to watch a basketball match with courtside signage. This allows partners to "be a part" of the online experience.

The NBA 2K League is a well-known and lucrative product due to its passionate fans. But Donohue declares that "we are only scratching the surface." He cites the 1.9 billion followers of the NBA on social media as a large potential pool.

There's also the issue of whether NBA 2K could be used as a means to draw new basketball fans. This is something Ted Leonsis, Washington Wizards owner and media mogul, has suggested. Indeed, Donohue has his own example, rather closer to Cheap NBA 2K22 MT PS4 his home. My son was playing 2K and suddenly, he came to me. He began to quote the Warriors roster, Steph Curry, and I was like, "How is it possible that he's staying up until 10 o'clock every night to see these games? He's 7 years old!" In 2K, he's learning about the game and judging by their scores in 2K."
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